Measurement Unit Converters & Conversion Charts


   is the collection of unit converters and conversion tables along with conversion factor, ratio and formula. The converters are the tools that can transform any unit into another associated measurement unit or units. Where, the conversion tables are the chart of equivalent values of two correlated measurement units. There are two types of converters have been provided. The first one is unit to unit converter and the rest is one unit to various units converter.

Popular Conversions

Unit to unit converter is a tool that can convert any measurement unit into another one related unit. Feet to Inches Converter is the example to perform such conversion. It can list out the equivalent value in inches for a given input value of feet. The charts are another part of this conversion contains the table of equivalent values between two related measurement units.

One unit to various units converter is the tool that can perform the possible conversion between one unit into other correlated units of measurement. For example, the volume can be calculated in different system of measurement units. So the Liters can be calculated in Gallons, Ounces, Cups, Pints, Barrels, Tea spoons etc. Liters to other volume measurement units converter can list out all the possible conversion between liters to other volume conversion units for a given input value.