Hectares to Acres Conversion – Area Measurement


Hectares and Acres conversion is the process of converting Hectares scale value into its equivalent Acres scale value. The relative conversion factor in numbers is multiplied with the unit or the unit of reference to produce the corresponding value in Acres. These two are the units of measurement to measure the quantity of area and can be expressed in “hec” and “acre” respectively.

Hectares to Acres Converter


Acres to Hectares Conversion

The length value in "hec" can be converted into the equivalent value of area measurement unit "acre" by this Converter.

hec to acre Conversion Chart


Hectares to Acres printable conversion chart for area measurement

The Hectares to Acres conversion chart is the table of values of hec vs acre and used to measure the corresponding area values in the Acres scale for the group of successive values in the Hectares scale. In addition, users have the option to generate any conversion chart for Hectares to any other area measurement units or between any two area measurement units by using the form provided. The users can further customize the hec vs acre conversion table by changing the input values of Start and Increment value. The start value of the hec to acre conversion table can be changed to any other value by providing the Start value in the text box provided. Start value is the beginning value of the chart so the chart will contain next 100 successive values based on the increment value. Increment value is the value of pattern which decides the next successive values of the table in Hectares. The number of decimal points (the number of digits after the symbol dot) can be set by providing the Round Off value. This hec to acre conversion chart is available in printable format and the print out of the chart alone can be taken with the help of the print button provided.

1 hec = 2.47105407259 acre

The conversion factor for hec to acre is 2.47105407259

The formula for hec to acre is

A = 2.47105407259 x B

  A - Acres
  B - Hectares