Acres to Hectares Conversion - Area Measurement


Acres to Hectares conversion is the process of converting the area value in “acres” scale to its equivalent value of “hectares” scale. The conversion factor 0.4046856 is multiplied with the unit or unit of reference to produce the corresponding output. The “acre” and “hec” are the two different measurement units to measure the area.



Hectares to Acres

Conversion Chart


Acres to Hectares printable conversion chart for area measurement

The acres to hectares chart is a tabulated value of "acre vs hec" used to calculate the equivalent values for multiple entries follow a particular pattern or interval or sequence. This is a dynamic unit conversion chart generator, an easy to use interface to generate the tabular values for any two associated measurement units. The users have the various options to customize and generate the chart in different ways by supplying the Start, Increase by and Round To values.

Start – allow the users customize the chart range
Increase by – allow the users to customize pattern or the interval
Round To – allow the users to set the number of decimal places after the symbol dot

acre to hectares chart is available in printable downloadable format and the print out of this table alone can be taken with the help of the print button provided. The below information makes it easier for the users to understand how to convert acres to hectares.

1 acre = 0.4046856 hec

The conversion factor is 0.4046856

The formula: 0.4046856 x quantities of Acres

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